Unity in Community: Moving Forward Together

“Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it to. One day we’re doing well; the next day, we’re trying to put our lives back together. Circumstances change and if we don’t have the right mindset, we’ll look at obstacles as barriers to success. The question we should ask ourselves is: Will it benefit us to keep this mindset moving forward?

Becoming Closer During This Crisis

When the coronavirus pandemic hit different parts of the world, no one expected that people would come together in camaraderie and solidarity. Even when practicing social distancing and following quarantine measures, this didn’t stop people from creating donation drives to help the needy, especially the healthcare workers who are at the frontline of the battle.

Everyone is helping out. Maryland USA is home to several breweries, and alcoholic products are huge there. A number of these breweries decided to make hand sanitizers since they’re equipped to manufacture them due to the high alcohol content.

And it’s not only the companies that are lending a hand. Even regular folks around the world are trying to help by cooking food to give out to healthcare workers, police officers, and military personnel.

People may have individualistic tendencies. Yet, in times of need, humanity comes first. The coronavirus doesn’t choose anyone. And this should be a wake-up call — that the world can only get through this crisis together.

The Power in Togetherness

If we haven’t realized by now, there is power in togetherness. When we collect our voices, we are heard better.

A great example of this is Ushahidi. It stands for “testimony” in Swahili. It’s an online platform where Kenyan citizens would share their testimonies of the acts of violence they witnessed and experienced. The Kenyans would share their stories through texts, photos, and even live videos.

Individually, their voices were suppressed. Together, they made the world hear and know about the injustices they go through. Additionally, Ushahidi also inspired many Kenyan citizens to join their cause and share their stories, too. Wired described it as “an example of a community coming together to tell a singular story with many voices.”

Another great example is Sandy Cotuna. She ran marathons to help build schools in Nepal. Sandy was born in Romania and experienced the cruelty of the government firsthand. Life changed when she moved to the U.S. in her 20s. Since then, she committed to helping others who are in need.

She came across buildOn, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing education to children who can’t afford to go to school. Sandy needed $30,000 to build one school in Nepal.

So apart from running one marathon after another, the company she worked for decided to help her. AIG would match the number of donations she would get from her co-workers. Apart from that, she also created a blog to help bring awareness to her cause. It helped her attract other donors. With the help of others, Sandy achieved her goal.

Why Do We Need Each Other?

There are plenty of reasons why it’s wise to call upon each other in times of need. For one, there is collective wisdom when people work together. Each person brings different ideas and experiences to the table. One good platform for solopreneurs in the healthcare industry to come together is ToGatherAtMyTable.com.

Another is we become more motivated and inspired when we work with each other. We accept the responsibility of putting in our share of effort and hard work, and we are held accountable for that. This accountability check keeps every member of the group on track.

On days when situations get too overwhelming, we find inspiration in the people we work with. We realize that the obstacles we face don’t end our stories. Rather, they make our stories more interesting. It’s easier for us to change negativity into positivity because we know that other people have our backs, and that’s comforting.

When we feel assured by and secured with the people around us, we push ourselves more. We want to give the best we can because we see others giving it all they’ve got. We find purpose and meaning in what we do, and this is why we push our limits.

Obstacles will come and go, yet our spirit and resilience will remain. In unity, there is strength.



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