The science behind PEMF

Time-varying magnetic fields are known as PEMFs (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields).

PEMF is energy that both nourishes and heals, making it an essential part of good health. PEMF is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can be seen in Schumann resonances and the Earth’s geomagnetic fields. It is essential for numerous functions in our body and cells, including cellular metabolism, circadian rhythms, natural pain relief, strong bones, energy, and vitality. We definitely need it to survive, but because it pervades every part of the Earth and us, we take it for granted. Few individuals are aware of the importance of the earth’s magnetic field and its related frequencies, despite the fact that most people are aware of the importance of food, water, air, sunlight, and oxygen.

How do we know that the magnetic fields of the Earth are crucial? 

There aren’t many PEMFs from the planet in outer space. Magnetic fields and the Schumann resonance drastically diminish as one moves away from the Earth’s ionosphere. Before it was understood how crucial earth-sourced PEMFs were, cosmonauts would return to the planet exhausted, weak, and ill. NASA and the Russian space program have since equipped their spacecraft, shuttles, and/or suits with Schumann or magnetic field generators to mimic the conditions on Earth. 

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt’s ground-breaking studies at UCLA have examined the connections between energy field disturbances, illness, emotional pathologies, human field communication, and the energy spectrum of consciousness. Rutger Wever’s bunker studies in 1963, which were conducted in extremely low and shielded environments, discovered that a wide range of health issues appear when the body is shielded from the earth’s natural PEMFs.

The term “Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome” was first used by Dr. Nakagawa in a 1976 book. He found the following signs and symptoms among persons who worked in the concrete and steel industries: restlessness, low energy, dull aches, and generalized body discomfort. PEMFs helped to lessen these symptoms. Most people are aware of the Earth’s magnetic field, but few are aware of its frequency. Even fewer understand the significance of this frequency for human health, as Dr. Nakagawa and the Zero field tests have shown. Our bodies are energized by PEMFs from the ground, which also promote blood flow, synchronize biorhythms, naturally increase endorphin levels, support healthy bones, and promote relaxation and sounder sleep.

Ten advantages of PEMF

  • Contributes to the Meridian Acupuncture Flow PEMF therapy first helps with meridian acupuncture flow, which is why it benefits almost everything. It resembles a full-body acupuncture treatment. 
  • The Mitochondria’s Metabolic Energy for the Production of ATPThrough the microcirculation, transportation of nutrients, co-enzymes, and oxygen – all the things that the body needs to make ATP or energy – PEMF therapy stimulates the creation of ATP in the mitochondria. Additionally, PEMF therapy increases ATPase activity, which aids in the release of energy from ATP. 
  • Circulation and Microcirculation are Enhanced by PEMF Circulation and microcirculation are enhanced. It boosts nitric oxide, which has a vasodilating effect and widens blood vessels to facilitate easier blood flow. The Releaux effect, in which red blood cells adhere to one another and stack like coins, is less likely to occur. It aids in reducing the viscosity of water, blood, or plasma and facilitates easier blood flow. All three of these combined actions promote microcirculation, which aids in nutrient delivery, oxygenation, cellular hydration, immune system stimulation, and waste product elimination. 
  • Detoxification We must remove all the poisons from the body and ensure that nutrients reach our cells. As a result of the food we consume, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the electro smog all around us, toxins build up in our tissues.The lymph system and the liver are the two main organs via which toxins leave your body. All of these hazardous substances are packaged by the liver for processing and removal through the elimination pathways. Since the lymphatic system functions as the body’s sewage system, detoxification is impossible when lymph is stagnant. The four elimination channels—the colon, the kidneys, the skin, and the breath—are opened up by PEMF, which also increases lymph movement and boosts the vitality of the liver. 
  • Enhances Immune Function Our major line of defense is our immune system. There are numerous layers of defense starting with our skin and intestines and extending all the way down to our blood, lymph, and cells. The immune system defends our bodies against diseases like viruses, bacteria, and parasites as well as poisons. PEMF first and foremost stimulates the body to repair itself from all of these by enhancing microcirculation, raising cellular voltage, enhancing oxygenation, and elevating pH. When you put all of that together, you have a biological terrain or environment that is unfriendly to bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.Additionally, PEMF directly increases the energy of the T- and B-cells in our immune system as well as the synthesis of antibodies. 
  • Relieves pain Endorphins are produced when PEMF is applied and aid in pain relief.But PEMF also functions as a short-term pain signal interrupter. reduced signal = reduced pain perception. PEMF produces microcurrents that flow across brain pathways and lessen the signal required to produce the feeling or sense of pain. 
  • Restorative and Regenerative Your body’s stem cells are specialised cells that can develop into liver, lung, or brain cells, for example, as well as cells that can divide to create more stem cells. Humans have two primary types of stem cells: adult stem cells, which are present in all of our tissues, and embryonic stem cells, which are found in the developing foetus. PEMF works with our body to naturally stimulate stem cells, assisting them in the tissues they are in to differentiate and mend the injured tissue more quickly. This aids in healing and tissue regeneration. 
  • PEMF Aids in Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Reduction Slower Earth frequencies are very healing and regenerative, and they have a very relaxing effect on the brain and the body because the lower frequencies are in sync with the alpha brain state, which is similar to a relaxed brain state. PEMF helps the body slow down and relax and shifts the nervous system into more of a parasympathetic response. Stress is a major contributor to illness, and relaxing is essential to healing. PEMF combats stress in a variety of ways:
    • It facilitates relaxation, which lessens the brain’s response to stress.
    • It has a beneficial effect on the neurological and endocrine systems’ functional status as well as tissue metabolism. 
    • The reduction of blood pressure and assistance with heart rate makes the body less sensitive to stress chemicals. 
    • The parasympathetic system is activated, often known as the rest, digest, and repair system. 
    • It increases spinal stimulation, which inhibits the release of stress chemicals. 
    • It aids in the body’s removal of the neurotransmitters and hormones generated during a stressful situation. 
    • It protects the body’s tissues and cells from physical changes brought on by stress hormones and chemicals. 
  • PEMF Promotes Sound Sleep Because the brain is electromagnetic, it is possible to entrain it by using a lower, slower-frequency magnetic field to reduce brain activity before sleeping. For this reason, before going to bed, you should use theta-delta frequencies, often known as low frequencies. Numerous research with PEMF demonstrates that it does aid in improved sleep. 
  • PEMF Improves the Function of All Other Health Components PEMF increases the absorption and assimilation of all of those crucial components of health because it has the power to open up all of your microcirculation channels. This includes the food you eat, the supplements you take, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. Therefore, it resembles a “master element.” It simply improves how well everything functions. 


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