Dr. Harish Nim, IMD is an Integrative Medicine Doctor. His earlier education was a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business management.

Previously in the technology industry, he set up his own IT start-up after relocating to Singapore in 1992 which grew into a 2,400-employee multinational.

Upon retiring in 2019, he decided to follow his passions and now spends his time learning about the fascinating, intertwining realms of mind, body, and spirit.

The concept of SamataSoul, a not-for-profit center, was born several years ago when he started his journey into alternative solutions for health when a loved one needed help. He helps people find the right solutions that empower them and help them achieve their maximum potential.

Dr. Harish Nim, IMD
Our Team
Antoinette Biehlmeier

Antoinette's curiosity about the mind-body connection led her to become a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner as well as an energy medicine practitioner using quantum technology and microcurrent frequencies.

She has over twenty years of experience after her certifications in Hypnotherapy , Regression Therapy (Dipl. Regression Therapist, 2008 and approved trainer, 2010), Spiritual Regression (2009), Jin Shin Jyutsu (2009), Neuro Linguistic Programming (2011), Nutripuncture (2012), Integral Coaching (2014/15), Focusing (2015), HeartMath (2018).

She uses the TimeWaver system, based on quantum field technology, as a tool to optimize a client's information field to support change and increase well-being. Additionally, she offers microcurrent frequency treatments for pain management and pain reduction, an increase in energy, and faster recovery.

Rowena Choo

As a Spinal Flow Technique practitioner, Rowena helps clients optimize health, recovery, and healing by naturally rebalancing their nervous system via light touches on specific points on the body without manual manipulation of the spine.

Her approach involves building trust and partnering with her clients to identify the root cause of their health issues and support them with Spinal Flow therapy as well as recommendations in respect of lifestyle changes, where applicable, to eliminate symptoms and maintain well-being and health.

She has helped clients with pain, stiffness, digestive issues, sleep issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, allergies, autism, Tourette syndrome, disc issues, and more. She also loves working with children in her practice and her experience with children includes volunteering at a children’s shelter, children wellness holiday programmes, facilitating her son’s special needs programme, and home-schooling.

Huma Lodhi

Huma Lodhi is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and her expertise is in advising clients on nutrition. She has a holistic approach and she supports clients in making small, albeit necessary changes in their lifestyle habits and optimises their wellbeing.

Huma has a M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Aberdeen, UK as well a B.A. (Honours) in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College, MA, USA. She is certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA.

Oksana Okhrimenko

MA (Guidance and Counselling), BA (Psych), MS (Biochemistry), SEP.

Oksana provides psychotherapy and coaching services for individuals and couples. She works with many different life challenges including trauma and crisis (excluding certain conditions such as substance addiction, psychotic disorders, and those requiring hospitalization due to high suicidal tendencies). She is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and an experiential psychotherapist specifically trained to develop a context for her clients to have conducive experiences for change and healing.

David Thoo

David is a Spinal Flow Technique (Spinal Flow) practitioner who has been practicing since 2019. He believes in a holistic approach to health and enjoys sharing wellness living and eating tips with his clients.

He brings a unique combination of experience as a Forest School coach, facilitator of a home-based special needs program as well as homeschooling dad, to his Spinal Flow practice. His experiences strengthen his belief that connection to nature, our innate body’s intelligence as well as a safe and loving space, each plays an important role in our healing process.

David has been helping clients with sleep issues, headaches, teeth grinding, anxiety, hyperactivity, self-regulation, eczema, inflammation issues, stress, tics, fibromyalgia, pain, and more. He would love to help you live the life you want to live.

Shruti Sacheendran

Shruti Sacheendran is a Certified Pranic Healer. She supports clients through no-touch, no-drug pranic energy healing for a range of physical and psychological health conditions.

*Shruti is currently on a relocation break and will resume offering virtual sessions as soon as she is able.

Avanti N. Rastogi

Masters in Counselling | Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Avanti is a warm, approachable, and dedicated mental health counsellor. Having experienced life in three countries, and a mid-career change, she understands that every individual goes through many different stages in life, and strongly believes that every person could benefit from an impartial and empathetic presence while navigating through the challenges life brings us.

Her approach to therapy is a holistic and highly individualised one, with outcomes and goals mapped out in concert with her clients. She aims to bring about lasting change for every person who comes to see her in a way that empowers them and leaves them feeling more in control of their lives.

Katya Melnikova

Katya is a facilitator of different modalities in yoga and beyond. Her experience with body movement, as well as breath, is beneficial for participants in many ways.

Plamena Tsoneva
Plamena is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, empowers individuals to transform their bodies and lifestyles. With her guidance, clients achieve remarkable results—weight loss, improved muscle tone, and healthier habits—while enjoying their fitness journey.