July 10, 2023
The science behind Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy’s scientific basis spans a wide range of fields, including psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science. It is a challenging and intriguing field. I will go in-depth on the scientific underpinnings of hypnotherapy in this blog, covering the brain systems, psychological processes, and empirical data that illuminate the workings and dynamics of this therapeutic approach. Definition […]

June 25, 2021
Somatic Experiencing And Its Effect on Trauma

People who suffer from trauma and continue to experience it carry with them a heavy burden. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can last months to even years if left untreated. The stress affects their physical, mental, and emotional health. It can even manifest through nightmares and flashbacks. Traumatized individuals are more likely to experience depression and […]

June 11, 2021
Using Art Therapy to Channel Aggression in Children

Young children may have a hard time communicating their feelings. Often, parents, guardians, or adults looking after them will notice changes in behavior that can signal a problem. In the case of children with anger and aggression, the behaviors may manifest as acting out, verbally and physically. In most cases, treatment for anger management in […]