Frequency Specific Microcurrents
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After falling from my bicycle and suffering a comminuted fracture of my scapula as well as 8 fractured ribs, of which 4 were displaced, I was recommended to Antoinette by a mutual friend. Complementing my doctors treatments and regular physiotherapy sessions with FSM by Antoinette, I was able to resume weight-bearing exercises at the gym in 5 months. – AC

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I have piroformis syndrome which triggers pain in my right hip and pain at the back of the leg along the sciatic nerve. This pain made it difficult to sit and work. I tried the general pain program and the sciatica program on the TimeWaver Home and after the local application with the sticky electrodes I experienced a lot of relief. The intensity of the pain decreased from 10 to 3. I also started using TimeWaver Home at work and just placed it on my chair behind my hips. This enabled me to sit and work without any discomfort. – RN