Art as a form of Well-Being

An Introduction to Art at Samata Soul
By Julia Vasko, Art Curator

Creation is a natural impulse that plays an important role in our integrated health. Creative energy is held in the Sacral chakra, the Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, located below the naval point in the lower abdomen.  This is also the energy centre of movement and emotion; and thus, are inextricably linked to our creative potential.

When we resist or suppress the urge to create, we suppress our overall health and vitality. A disconnection to the Sacral chakra can create feelings of disconnection – to Ourselves, to each other, and to our sense of purpose in life. When we hold space to tune into our creativity, we bring emotion (e-motion = energy in motion) through our body and into the world, expressing our Divinity in physical form, and creating a healthy flow of energy.

Art has long been an important and natural part of our daily life. The cavemen crafted tools in order to sculpt, draw and carve into walls, with some dating back to 700,000 BC. These early forms of abstraction and symbolism were used to make sense of the Natural world and its wonders.

As mankind advanced, Art took on even more cultural significance. From the Art of Ancient Egypt that brings Gods and Goddesses into form, to the dreamtime paintings of Aborigines, Art was a means to express the deepest longings of the Soul and to connect to the Sacredness of life. Today, Art continues to hold the same intention.

When we encounter Art, we intuitively know that we are encountering something special, something Divine. Yet in modern society, we often don’t slow down enough to receive it. We encounter art with our minds, asking “What is this about?” instead of tuning into the way it makes us feel. When something is created with our hearts, with our soul, it can only truly be met from the same space.

This is why it is important to take an embodied approach to Art. When we slow down, connect to the breath, and drop into our bodies – we connect to our inner Divinity. From this space, we are able to receive the inspiration that is all around us. The colours, the movement of each artwork – they begin to come to life, awakening the energy within us. Our Souls begin to speak back, the energy in our Sacral chakra comes alive, and our creative expression is activated. We feel uplifted.

Bringing Art into our homes further deepens this creative potential. When we continue to cultivate a relationship with an Artwork, we imbue it with personal meaning and value. It becomes a consistent reminder and source of Inspiration. By surrounding ourselves with Beauty, with the Inspired, we are able to activate this within, supporting a healthy flow of vital energy, Aliveness, and connection to the Divine.