Pranic Healing
No names have been used to maintain confidentiality. Thank you for your understanding.

Age: 40

I’d been experiencing heaviness in the head and constant tiredness for 5-6 years. The healer did two Pranic Healing sessions for me. In the first session itself I felt the heaviness in my head disappear. What surprised me the most was that it disappeared in seconds! There was an instant brightness on my face which people around me noticed as well. I’m really grateful as these two sessions also helped me with my constant tiredness.

I would highly recommend people to experience the benefit of Pranic Healing in dealing with their emotional and physical issues. – AB

Age: 32

I was introduced to the healer during my cancer treatments. Through Pranic Healing she immensely helped me manage treatment side effects and building my immunity which was weakened due to chemotherapy. Regular sessions also helped me stay positive and motivated.

I am grateful to her and Pranic Healing for opening new avenues in my life. – SN

Age: 37

After trying many natural treatments for anxiety for four and a half years, I started Pranic Healing sessions.

For the first 6 sessions I didn’t feel any change but after that I could feel the difference in my daily anxiety level. I did 12 sessions (during which I did the Meditation on Twin Hearts) and by the end there was almost 90% improvement in my anxiety level.

I went for 1 more session for my mono phobia. There is significant improvement in that too. I feel much better now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – DK

Age: 39

After a recent flare up of IBS with terrible cramps, bloating, acidity and loss of appetite that had me lose 3.5 kilos in one month I turned to Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing helped a great deal. The symptoms eased considerably after 3-4 sessions of Pranic Psychotherapy during which I did the Meditation on Twin Hearts. I have since discovered that most of our physical problems have underlying issues, many of which are born out of our thoughts and emotions.

I like the fact that PH doesn’t claim to take the place of modern medicine but works in tandem with it. So, I strongly recommend it to everyone. It works! – ES

Note: The patient is back to eating proper home-cooked meals and can also tolerate food cooked outside the home in limited quantities. However, symptoms resurface every now and then. More healings and other lifestyle changes are needed.

Currently, there is no cure for IBS. (*

Age: 34

When I first went for a Pranic Healing session I’d had a recurring tail bone pain every time I lay down flat on my back, for at least 9-10 months. I couldn’t lie flat for more than a few minutes, and also had minor trouble with acidity.

The healer put up with all my doubts and queries, explained what she was doing, and suggested some changes to my lifestyle. I went for 6 healings but had started noticing a good improvement in just 2-3 sessions. I was truly amazed at how soon I was able to see results. Gradually I stopped noticing the pain while lying flat and at the end of six sessions, even that was gone. I also noticed an improvement in my acidity trouble and energy levels, slept more soundly and felt more refreshed.

I would highly recommend Pranic Healing as a treatment option to address issues, both physiological and psychological. – HC

Age: 62 years

I had no relief from a painful and stiff shoulder for more than a year and a half despite trying various treatments like heat treatment and massages.

The healer was visiting my city and I was able to schedule one Pranic Healing session. My shoulder started feeling lighter and less stiff almost immediately after the healing, which lasted 20 minutes. Three days later there was 50 percent improvement in the pain and stiffness, both. My shoulder kept improving from then on and two months later there was no pain and very little stiffness.

The healer explained that Pranic Healing enhances the body’s ability to heal itself and that one healing kickstarted the process for me. I am very thankful. – S

Age: 11 years

I’m a skeptic. I don’t believe in alternative therapies but now I know there is something. My 11-year old daughter had been in the hospital for 5 days with high fever, shivering, extreme weakness and severe headaches that didn’t allow her to open her eyes when I decided to try Pranic Healing.

There was a dramatic change in my daughter’s headache after the first healing. She was able to open her eyes and started walking around with dark glasses. Around the time she received the third healing, the infection was diagnosed as mycoplasma and she was started on anti-biotics.

She continued receiving Pranic Healing treatments and I’m happy to say she was back in school soon after she was discharged, full of energy and with full recovery, and none of the usual lingering weakness. Thank you! – NR

Age: 60 years

A sudden, severe pain in the sole of my foot built up over a few days. It was painful to walk. It took one Pranic Healing treatment for the pain to vanish. I was very surprised and very relieved. Thank you. I’ve since learnt Pranic Healing and use it for self-healing. – MD

Age: 6 years

After trying to fix my son’s skin problems with a dermatologist, I decided to try Pranic Healing since eczema and molluscum reappeared often even under (steroidal) medication. Distant healings were done for my son twice a week (while I did the Twin Hearts Meditation). The eczema (of three years) and molluscum (of 6 months) totally disappeared after 7 sessions.

Pranic Healing was then started for bedwetting and general wellbeing as my son could be very anxious and had nightmares. I noticed my son was calmer, and less emotional or grumpy after a couple of sessions. It took time, about four-five months, to completely fix his bedwetting issue of several years, but once it was gone, there were no more night-time accidents.

I strongly recommend Pranic Healing to anyone seeking natural healing alternatives as there is no medication or religious influence involved, and it’s the most natural way to receive healing. – CC

Age: 39

I was suffering from physical weakness and the stress caused by my husband’s surgery. I had heart palpitations and breathing was not easy, which made me feel like I was going to die.

I went to all kinds of hospitals and the doctors diagnosed nothing was wrong. This went on for more than a year. Then I started trying Pranic Healing (3 times a week) along with Twin Hearts Meditation (once a week). I did not experience any dramatic change but I realized I was way more energetic and confident. I’ve since learnt Basic and Advance Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy while continuing the Twin Hearts Meditation. The symptoms of the panic disorder have never come back! – JL

Age: 17

The first time I got Pranic Healing done for my morning allergies (sneezing in the morning for 4-5 years; itchy eyes for 5-6 months), I saw a big difference in the sneezing and my health overall. My stuffy nose and slightly congested chest had almost completely cleared up and I felt so much lighter and happier after.

I was still kind of suspicious about the whole concept of Pranic Healing because I had never heard about it before so I decided to continue the sessions for other troubles I had such as lack of focus and happiness to see if my health would improve some more.

I continued the sessions weekly for some time and saw my health and specifically these factors improve drastically. I felt like I became a much better and happier person.

I was so amazed by Pranic Healing that I took the Basic Pranic Healing course. I also based my school project on it and organized a workshop at school where a pranic healer guest speaker introduced the concept to others. – VG

Age: 63 years

For more than a year, I had restricted mobility in my right shoulder and couldn’t raise my arm above the shoulder line. After just one Pranic Healing session I was able to rotate my arm 360 degrees but there was still stiffness and mild pain. As the healings progressed, there was steady decrease in the discomfort and after four sessions done over two weeks there was almost no pain and only a little stiffness. – MD

Age: 50 years

My blood pressure was often higher than normal, and most times irregular, despite taking medication for 10 years. After only 2-3 pranic healing sessions I could see my BP stabilizing and remaining in the normal range which was a big achievement for me. I’m really thankful. – AG

Age: 40 years

I’d been on bed rest and traction for a month before I tried Pranic Healing for herniated discs. After five pranic healing sessions the pain in my right shoulder and neck was almost gone and I was back to my surgeries. It was brilliant!

I also started sleeping very well. However, there wasn’t any change in the loss of sensation in my fingertips. – GP

Age: 11 years

My son had had molluscum for two years. We tried a homeopathic topical application which didn’t help at all. Then tried squeezing them out as directed by the doctor which helped with the ones that were removed but there were new ones that kept appearing from time to time. A few sessions of Pranic Healing really helped as the healing was from within. New ones stopped coming and the old ones dried off and fell away. My son has not had a problem with molluscum since. – AB

Age: 33 years

I’ve had dry and itchy eyes for more than 3.5 years. They used to feel heavy and look red and I had to use eye lubricating drops every day, sometimes twice a day. Without this my eyes would itch constantly and it was difficult.

When I started getting Pranic Healing done, I didn’t notice any change for the first few healings. But gradually the itchiness reduced, my eyes were less red and I was able to reduce the lubricating eye drops to once in two days. I feel very grateful. – AB

Age: 36 years

I was going through a rough patch post a miscarriage. I’d stopped smiling, felt tired and weak all the time, and had a constant pain in my stomach. I decided to try Pranic Healing. By the third Pranic Healing session the constant pain in my stomach disappeared permanently.

After a few more session I started smiling which I hadn’t in 3-4 months, and soon after that I started feeling energetic and confident enough to resume exercising.

I continued doing the Twin Hearts Meditation once or twice a week. Thank you very much. – SP

Age: 56

When I started Pranic Healing treatment in August 2017, after two sessions, I noticed my energy levels were better. After another week of treatment my sleep improved and the itching went down.

Subsequently I found improvement every week and by the 12th session, all my symptoms almost disappeared, especially the itching.

I was well enough to take a beginners’ course in Pranic Healing and I later did the Advance course too. – JV

Note: Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is a rare, autoimmune, chronic skin disorder characterized by blistering, urticarial lesions (hives) and itching. – NORD (National Organization for rare Disorders)

Conventional treatments for auto-immune diseases deal with reducing symptoms. It is common for steroids to be used.

In this case, new eruptions went down from 12-odd a day to 2 a day during the time pranic healings were being applied, and eventually disappeared.

Age: 6 years

My six-year-old daughter was suffering from acute diarrhea (10-odd motions in a day) despite being on anti-biotics for 5 days. It was almost miraculous how after just one Pranic Healing session she started passing normal stools! The second Pranic Healing treatment was given four hours after the first, and though she still complained of a mild stomach ache after meals, the diarrhea stopped. We did three sessions in all and I am still amazed at how energy healing works! – K